Why I Want To Be a Nurse?

Choosing a career is one of the turning points of a person’s life. It’s crucial and necessary decision which can either skyrocket or lead your life steadily downhill. As it is something that we will be spending the rest of our lives doing, the ultimate choice needs to fulfil certain factors to come up to par. Financially stabilizing obviously comes on the top of the list, but it also needs to be a career which satisfies you mentally and gives you a purpose instead of just a monotonous daily routine.

There is a wide range of career paths out there that cater to people with all sorts of intellect and potential. But some careers are more a service for humankind rather than just a source of income. Nursing is a just such a field. Being a nurse means that you have to face challenges every day that are not always pleasant to handle. For people with stamina and the passion to become a nurse the daily schedule in never dull or boring. And the most important thing is that they are making a major difference in the society and helping thousands of people every single day.

Although there is a lot of suffering to be seen when you are in the line of medicine, it also has incomparable rewards. Successful treatments of patients, the delight on their family’s faces to be reunited with their cured loved ones and being able to help anyone in need are all reasons why this career is a source of satisfaction for those who wish to follow it.

From a personal perspective, I found nursing to be an inspiration for me since a very young age. Once in school, I was assigned the topic of “The Importance of Nurses in our Society” to write an essay upon. It was a difficult one for me as I did not know about the role of nurses on a detailed level except the general idea of them being a doctor’s valued assistance. So I reached out to Nursing Essay Help where the writers helped me submit an A+ grade worthy essay to my teacher.

While reading the essay I realized there was so much more to being a nurse than just someone who hands a doctor the surgical instruments. There is great courage and strength needed to perform that job and only people with extreme devotion have the aptitude to do it. When the time came to start college I was adamant to go to nursing school in the years up ahead.

I knew I had the commitment to the job required and I was also good at communicating with people which is an essential part of being a nurse. As a nurse, one learns new things every day, both in a medical and social capacity. It is important for a nurse to be up to date with all the current medicinal trends in order to provide the best care to all their patients. I can say with the surety of personal experience that it can be the most rewarding experience of your life.                                            

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