Tips for writing a nursing school admission essay

Amazing 13 Tips to Write a Nursing School Admission Essay

Nursing is one of the most in-demand profession around the whole globe. Due to the keen responsibilities and huge scope in medical field, nursing has always been a top career field. The nursing industry encompasses autonomous and collaborative care of the individuals belonging to any age group, families, and communities.

The nurses are usually responsible to plan and provide the medical and nursing care to their patients in the hospitals and at the homes. Such patients are very ill and are unable to take care of themselves.

People who are suffering with the chronic and acute physical or mental ill health are also the responsibility of nurses. This is the condition where the patient needs the most care and here, nursing includes the promotion of the health, prevention of the illness, and the care of the patients.


The profession of nursing stays within the healthcare sector that is focused on the care of the individuals so they could maintain their health and can recover from optimal health and quality of life.

I completely agree with the idea of nursing school essay that is not a piece of cake. Well, writing is not that easy for everyone but having a dream to enter the college of your choice is definitely everyone’s wish.

Those who have ever applied to the nurse practitioner program are known to the two fundamental facts; the careers in nursing are in high-demand and the graduate schools competitions are always competitive.

So, this is not easy to get admission in the nursing school and one has to go through the process of writing an impressive nursing entrance essay. This is important because the career of nursing requires an individual to be highly responsible and caring as well.


When one is preparing to apply for the graduate nursing program, there are many requirements and submission guidelines that one should always remember. Are you also contemplating going to the nursing school? Remember, this could be highly challenging!

You might be thinking that why the competition in the nursing school is way so high and why the field is so in demand? The basic reason is the shortage of qualified nursing teaching faculty and an increased number of the retiring nurses.

The applicants of the nurse practitioner programs must put together the flawless and impressive applications in order to get the admission in nursing schools. You might be searching for the nursing school admission essay samples and I understand your hustle well.

Below I have broken down 13 amazing tips for writing a nursing school admission essay. Make sure to follow these tips smartly to craft an excellent nursing admission essay in your favorite nursing and medical practice institute.

Plan your essay amazingly:

While writing an essay about nursing, you must take care that you have planned out all the ideas and the thoughts clearly. Planning and organizing your thoughts is the most important thing while looking out for the admission in nursing college.

Make sure to stand out from the crowd:

Writing a nursing school personal statement can be pretty daunting if you are not known to the basics of writing. Here, you have to stand out from the crowd and have to make your essay look informative yet reflective about your personality and skills.

You can share your dreams:

In the nursing essay, one is open to discuss his dreams and wishes. If you are potential about the nursing field and have the positive vibes, then speak this out in your essay for the admission. You can share about your ambitions and passions in your essay openly.

Showcase your empathy:

The nursing school must know that you are empathetic towards the patients and can deal with the very ill patients politely. The nature of a nurse also matters a lot in the nursing school admission and can pave the way to have a bright future in nursing field.

Explain the qualifications:

While crafting a personal statement for nursing school, you have to write the qualifications. Make sure to break down the qualification with their respective years and relevant experiences as well. This will also help you to get admission.

Tell your motive to get in nursing school:

You can also express about your main motive and reason that why you are planning to become a nurse. Make sure to write the purpose and your cause to become a nurse as this would also bright up the chances of having successful career in nursing.

Follow the five-paragraph essay format:

Following the professionalism in nursing essay is very essential. You must follow the five-paragraph essay format in order to write about your dream career and your job roles for which you find yourself a perfect fit.

Write an impactful introduction:

While crafting a nursing application essay, make sure to present an impactful introduction. Your hooking introduction would be enough to make your essay stand out of the crowd.

Make sure to complete your homework:

Before writing the nursing application essay, you must complete your homework. This is also highly advised by the professionals to first do an extensive research to craft an excellent nursing essay.

Communicate clearly:

Getting a scholarship in the nursing school is not easy and you would have to write an excellent admission essay. You can check the samples for nurse scholarship essay and can communicate clearly about your concern. Remember, communication is the key.

Plan out your story:

Ensure to plan your nursing career well before entering into the nursing school. Having a promising career in the nursing industry depends upon your well-planned ideas and actions.

Create the draft:

Create the final and error free draft of the nursing essay. Make sure to check it out several times for the mistakes and then you are good to go!

Edit and perfect to go:

After completing the editing, you are all set to submit your nursing school admission essay. This is not easy and the process is quite nerve-wrecking but once you get the admission, it would be all worth it.


With the help of this guide, you would be able to create an amazing and impactful nursing school admission essay. Make sure to incorporate these tips smartly in order to get the admission in nursing school of your choice!

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