Refund policy offers its customers with the money refund in the case if they think we provided them with the low quality essays. You can claim a money refund under the money refund policy that we have made. Below are the important points of our money refund policy; kind read them

We will refund your money if:

  • We cannot meet the deadline
  • We provided you with the plagiarized essay
  • Essay we provided to you was different from the requirements you gave
  • You are not satisfied with our work after multiple number of revisions

Some more important points to be noted:

  • 100% money refund will not be given to any order and 10% amount of the total will be deducted because of the service and the bank charges.
  • Within the 15 days of the order delivery you can request a claim for the refund
  • For urgent orders no refund will be given
  • If you want to claim a valid refund then you are needed to provide the actual results along the actual feedback
  • Once you have asked us for the refund then you cannot use the essay or the paper we gave to you; in this condition the paper would be our property.
  • Minor mistakes like the formatting mistakes or the referencing and citation mistakes; for such errors refund requests will not be entertained
  • If you submitted your work without requesting the revision then you will not be provided with the refund.
  • If you have asked for the refund after placing the revision request then you will be given with a particular amount only.
  • We will not be responsible for the failure or the lower grades of the students and therefore in this case we won’t provide you with the refund.
  • We have the right to turndown any claim anytime.

Important note: please note that any kinds of the threats that would be given to the company would be considered as the criminal offence and these would be reported immediately to the responsible authorities