Reasons Why Professionals Switch From Nursing to Mental Health Counselor

If I ask you to tell me one thing which is most difficult to choose as a student what it would be? For many, it’s a career choice. It is found that majority of the students find it difficult to decide on which field they are going to pursue the career. Due to this, students often take impulsive yet not so appropriate decision and end up switching their fields.

Let’s take the example of mental health counselors. We all know that switching careers is very common specifically in the medical and its relative fields. Have you ever wondered why? However, both of the professions; mental health counselor and nursing possess value in the field of medicine. Still, students prefer to switch from being a psychiatrist to nurse.

Though, not every time the frame portrays the same picture. There are still many professionals who are proudly serving in the nursing field and do not want to switch their professions. But, these people fall into the category of the minority because most of the people wish to switch their nursing profession.

Upon asking, each student gives different reasons, though there are few mutual reasons which most of the students consider for switching their academic careers. Let’s pen down the difference between both of the professions first.

 Mental health counselor

The mental counselors are the one who works as a psychological therapist for the patients. The counselors are known as the assistors of the ones, suffering from poor mental health. Also, it is said that the therapist of mental health survivors acquires a sociable attitude and strive to treat patients like a friend. On the whole, the mental health counselors are those supportive characters which help survivors to overcome their emotional yet racing thoughts. This wouldn’t be forge to say that psychological assistors are one kind of life saviors which help people to relive the rejuvenating essence of life.

 Medical nursing 

Well, even in the field of medicine there could be several types of nursing. If we view from the whole perspective, then nursing is quite similar to the profession of mental health therapists. You might be thinking how? Let us tell you. Nurses also help survivors in overcoming the illness. Do you what makes the difference? Specifically, in nursing there are no therapies or another kind of medical treatments are involved. Basically, these are the technicalities which mark the boundaries in between these two identical professions. Nurses usually are responsible to evaluate the diet plans, keep a strict check on the actions of patients and to assist survivors like a good caretaker.

 Why people prefer mental health counseling over nursing?

Now, it’s time to focus on the major context of the discussion. Why do students or professionals choose to switch their fields? This is the most confusing question because it senses so obvious that more than half of people make career decision by themselves. Then what it is that thing which urges individuals to make a prompt choice between patient’s counseling to mental health therapist. Well, there are many general reasons based on which students switch their career. To know the motives, read below!

 Degree of worth 

Along with the interest, one more thing which people usually take into consideration before choosing careers in the future value of the profession. Though, each profession acquires value and is worthy in many ways. But, when it comes to measuring the worth obviously students attract towards the thing with more aspect of ratio. In between two of these professions, serving as a psychological therapist hold more value. Now, think and answer. If ask you to make a wise choice in between a mental health counselor or nurse, then what would you choose? Of course, the counselor! And we all know the reason.

 Stable career opportunities 

When it comes to the future, we all aspire to move towards stability. Touching the sky is all that we aim for and to fulfill this goal, one should have good decision-making power. Majority of the students realize this later and then regret their decisions. Now you got to know why people choose to switch their careers. Professionally, mental health assistors tend to have more career opportunities than the ones with the nursing profession. It’s too obvious to understand that being nurse one can merely get increment in salary. Imagine a nurse being promoted to a designation of a doctor. But if you are a mental health assistor then you have all possibilities to get promotion in terms of being a personal assistor or maybe initiating your clinic of mental health counselor.

 Source of good earning 

In the end, money and facilities are all that matters. I know each one of you would agree with the fact that we always get more attracted towards the things which offer more benefits. Do you know what the most amazing thing is? Our interest somehow eventually gets mold. Yes! That’s true. We cannot overlook the reality that serving as psychologists offer more handsome amount than the profession of nursing does. Like how many times you met a nurse with more earning than the psychologists? Sounds absurd? It’s actually. This is the foremost reasons which persuade individuals to change their careers. These days, people look for more licensed mental health counselors than the certified nurse. Unfortunately, we are living in an era where nine out of ten people are suffering from anxiety and depression.

So, what are your opinions now? Do you think that switching from nursing to serving as a therapist is the right decision? Though there are many people who are happily serving in the field of nursing, since ages. Not for everyone, it’s about career or stability; sometimes it’s about the interest or the goals. Ethically, is known as the profession of serving humanity and for this reason, many people chose to stick with this vocation. However, for others, career and stability acquire more value than the profession itself. In short, the reasons and the conditions vary from person to person.

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