How to Write a Good Reflective Nursing Essay?

Reflective essays are the ones which describe any experience or event and later analyze the meaning of that experience and interpret what is learned from it. An essay is known to be reflective when it is evaluating a previous happening from the present. Reflective essay on nursing are the ones in which a writer usually from nursing background write about the care of their patients. The medical supporters by thinking on previous cases and on their own personal response to patient requests develops a better understanding of how they can help the patient to deal better with illness, pain, and stress. Reflective nursing essay help nurses to have a better and improved understanding of their role in assisting both the doctors and patients.

If you are pursuing a degree in nursing then at times you will be asked to write a reflective nursing essay.  However, some people find it extremely difficult to come up with a good piece of essay. It is because either they might not possess good writing skills or they do not know how to outline and structure their work. A reflective essay is written in a slightly different way from other essays. They ask the writer to express their thoughts and emotions to depict a true picture.

If you are also a nursing student and is facing difficulty while writing a nursing essay then don’t worry. In this post, we will discuss ways to write a good reflective nursing essay.

  1. Know how to start with your nursing essay:

Before you start writing your reflective essay, look for different reflective nursing essays samples. This will give you a clear idea of other’s writing. You will learn that how students don’t try to show creativity while writing the essay and repeat same old boring stories. You will find numerous essays with same stories which won’t impress you at all.

Repeating common and general stories is an obvious mistake which most students make. Well! Avoid this mistake. Look through different nursing paper examples to get an idea that from where you should start your essay as this will help you in writing a creative and unique nursing essay.

  1. Incorporate your essay with a true story:

By sharing a real life story in your essay, you will be able to produce a good essay. Try to think about any situation from your clinical practice and based your entire essay on that theme. Describe the complete situation by telling the readers that what actually happened, who was involved and why it has impressed you. By doing so, you will be able to show a complete understanding of the situation and in this way, your essay will depict that you are capable of comprehending the situation in an effective manner. You need to show this skill in your written essay too as readers will find it extremely interesting.


  1. Evaluate the story:

Evaluating the story and your experience is another step while you write a good reflective essay. Write why you think it was a valuable experience for you. Try to include real life examples to explain your point of view. Also, state that how that particular experience contribute towards your personal and professional development. Self-development is an important aspect of nursing professional. Don’t forget to show that you have this skill in your essay too.

  1. Select the right focus:

It is common for the students to focus on a story which deals with the nursing profession. And this technique can also be followed while you write a reflective nursing essay. Do ensure that the story has all its focus on you rather than on other patients and medical assistance. The reflective essay is actually your own personal reflection so, make sure that you write your personal experience in a well-structured manner.

Remember to tell about all the lessons which you have learned. Also, explain in detail how it actually helped you in making a decision when you become a nurse.

Additional Tips on Reflective Nursing Essay:

Apart from the above mentioned tips, following are some additional tips which might help you in writing a worthy reflective nursing essay:

  • Start working on your nursing essay as soon as it is assigned by the supervisor. Pay attention to the instructions carefully as in this way you will know for what you will be assessed for so you can work according it.
  • Teachers are the best supporters for students. Don’t feel shy in asking help from your instructor. It is better to ask them for some piece of advice rather than submitting a wrong piece of work which might also affect your overall grades. You can also take guidance from your friends and seniors of how to progress in this writing assignment.
  • Read reflection paper nursing example which will provide you great information about the nursing literature. Researching requires a lot of time, start this part as early as possible.
  • Pay attention towards your draft. Check the narration and logic of the sentences used. Also, check that how much your essay is based on your own experience and thoughts and how much weightage it do have of other’s work.
  • Do follow a standard structure for your essay. Make sure that your essay is based on necessary paragraphs. Don’t forget to use specific terminology. Proofread your work at least twice and if you fail to pinpoint your mistakes so, take help from someone else.
  • Remember to format your essay as per the instructions.


Parting Words:

A nursing essay demands a detailed yet well-written description and summary of the experience so; the readers can develop a feeling that they have also experienced the same thing. It should also be based on writer’s explanation of feelings, reactions, and personal views. Writing a reflective essay is not much difficult. The above-mentioned tips will surely help you in producing a good reflective essay. So, be patient, go through different samples essays, do the research work, and give your best. You will surely shine in your work.

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